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May to Sept.

Get excited and see bull sharks from up close in their natural habitat and natural behaviour.

What are the costs? 300.- US$

What will I do?
We will dive at the famous bull shark dive site at Bat Island. The first 2 dives to see the bull sharks, after we will have lunch in a quiet bay of the Santa Rosa National Park. After lunch we will have another, more shallow dive on our way back.

How long will it take?
This is a full day tour. We start around 5.15am and finish around 4pm.

Learning objectives:

  • Sharks are friends ;)


  • Minimum age 15 years.

  • Certified to dive to 30 meters

  • Physically/medically fit

​What is included?

  • All needed diving equipment

  • Scuba instructor

  • 3 dives

  • Lunch, snacks, coffee, refreshments

​What do I need to bring?
​We provide everything you need to enjoy the tour. You just have to bring a swimsuit, sunglasses, a sunhat and maybe towels.

​Where and when do we meet?
​Meeting point is at 5.15am at the Dive Centre in Tamarindo. Check exact location here. If you need to be picked up please let us know your location in advance (charges may apply).

Other important information:

  • Leave minimum 24 hours after diving before you fly!

  • You are required to complete a medical statement (download the form) and need to be in reasonable physical health. If there is any question regarding your health you must see a doctor before the tour.

  • Pick up times vary and will be discussed with you.

  • All tours are subject to a cancellation fee.

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