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Explore the Catalina Islands

TamaDive is proud to show you the marvels below the area of Catalina Islands.

Diving at the Catalina Islands is one of the most exciting and enjoyable experiences you’re likely to have on your Costa Rica vacation. Take the plunge to discover the beauties of the underwater world and allow yourself not to worry about anything; That's our job!

TamaDive encourages you to let your stress and worries at home and just relax and enjoy the amazing experience of the diving in Costa Rica. In other words, Pura Vida!



Our daily dive tours offer divers of all levels the chance to explore the biologically diverse environment.


First time diving or haven't been diving in a while? Check our SSI courses section and you can start your adventure today.


If you are a certified diver we offer half day dive trips starting at around 6.15am.

What's included?

  • 2 dives

  • All needed equipment

  • Transport (surcharge depending on location)

  • Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages on the boat


US$180.- (Non certified)

The Try Scuba Diving in the Catalinas Islands with TamaDive is a highly supervised dive experience program will allow you to go scuba diving  with no previous experience. No certification is needed, only willingness to have fun.

  • Not even snorkeling experience is required.

  • If you are older than 10 years old you can do it.

  • Just have to bring a swimsuit.




One day in the name of the bull shark. An experience of a lifetime! Join us for this special trip to Bat Island.


  • Moderate physical fitness

  • min. SSI Advanced Adventurer or equivalent

  • min. age 15 y/o




You don't feel like diving? Go snorkeling! It's a great alternative even though we strongly recommend to do a try dive instead. In snorkeling you can see almost the same as in diving. Enjoy how the waves move you around whilst you look at all kinds of fish. You will be snorkeling during the time the divers do their first dive. The requirements for snorkeling are low.

  • Moderate physical fitness.

  • Able to swim/float.

  • Bring your swimsuit.

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